Insurance & Repairs

If you have had a crash or other damage and you have lodged a claim with your insurer, we can help. Here’s what you need to do to coordinate your insurer and our repairs.

  • Call your insurer right away and get a claim number. Is your motorcycle or scooter rideable? If not, ask your insurer if they will tow or relocate it to us. If your insurer doesn’t provide a towing service, call us on 021 409 656 to discuss pickup options.
  • We specialise in metric European and Japanese brands – so it will be good to check with us whether we can work on your bike. Find out here the makes we service and repair.
  • Call us on 021 409 656 and tell us:
    – What type of bike you have
    – How it was damaged
    – Who your insurer is
    – Your insurance claim number (from step 1)
    – Where your bike is and how you will get it to us
    – Your full name and contact information
  • We will arrange an assessment time with you.
  • When your motorcycle comes in, we will do an assessment, including photos and a repair estimate. We will then submit this to your insurer.
  • After the assessment, you can leave your motorcycle with us if it is unsafe to ride. If it is safe to ride, please take it with you after your assessment.

Important: We do not do insurance pickups unless authorised by your insurer first.