Niu Electric Scooters


Reimagine city commuting faster, smoother, safer.

If you are looking for an electric, high performance and smooth-riding scooter, the NQi GT/S is your answer. With a max speed of 70 km/h and a climbing grade of 28%, riding the slopes of Wellington city will not be a challenge anymore. To ride the NQi GT/S, you will need a motorcycle learner’s licence. 

Riding Specs

  • 70km/h max speed up to 140km range
  • 3 Driving modes
    – Sport – for performance and speed
    – Dynamic – for everyday use
    – E-Save – Efficient, longer range
  • Adjustable and reactive front and rear hydraulic shocks
  • 60v 35aH BOSCH motor for instantaneous acceleration from standstill
  • Proprietary FOC controller manages the BOSCH motor for a smoother ride
  • Cruise control to ride in comfort

Battery System

  • 4th Gen Lithium battery technology system where both batteries can be removed and charged anytime
  • Get 100+km of range with a 5.5 hour flash charge
  • Comprehensive battery protection with Niu BMS

Smart Scooter

  • 14” Wheels dynamic display with multiple colour modes for driving modes
  • Anti-theft protection
  • The brain of the scooter; the Niu Cloud ECU, lets you remotely monitor scooter diagnostics and anti-theft system. The system software can also be upgraded wirelessly without you coming to a service station.
  • Niu app is your one-stop app to monitor 17 different statuses such as location, power statistics, riding history and vehicle status – all real time on your mobile

Safety & Braking System

  • EBS energy recovery system converts braking energy into battery power
  • CBS braking system to reduce stopping distance and ensure a safe brake at high speeds
  • GPS + GLONASS positioning system to locate your Niu instantly
  • The iconic LED Halo headlamp with a one-piece wrap-around taillight, provides 3600 illumination to keep you safer at night
  • Auto-off hands-free indicators
  • Extensive waterproofing with 230mm wading capabilities for safe riding in the rain and in the snow

NQi Sport

The iconic smart scooter. 

If you are looking for a smart scooter that champions design, safety, and performance – the NQi Sport is for you. With 3 driving modes and a battery that can be recharged almost anywhere, the NQi Sport is the perfect electric scooter to get around Wellington, faster, safer, and more stylishly. You can ride the NQi Sport on a car learner’s license.

Riding Specs

  • 3 Driving modes
    – Sport – for instant acceleration
    – Dynamic – for everyday use
    – E-Save – Efficient, longer range
  • 1800W continuous power with BOSCH motor for instant acceleration that is ideal for the urban commuter
  • 60-70km extended range
  • Cruise control to ride in comfort

Battery System

  • 2100Wh* removable battery
  • 4th Generation NIU Energy ™AI powered battery pack optimises billions of data for an optimised riding experience
  • A quickly removable battery with a portable charging adapter let you recharge anywhere, anytime
  • EBS Regenerative Braking to recharge the battery as you brake
  • 11 different battery safeguards compliant

The Smart Scooter

  • 24/7 connected with the Niu app for anti-theft alerts, battery range status, past routes, real-time scooter location tracking and more
  • As the brain of the NQi Sport, the Cloud ECU provides real-time vehicle information directly to your NIU app
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) update technology allows you to wirelessly upgrade the scooter software to improve your riding performance
  • Vehicle Locator to find your scooter instantly

Design & Safety

  • LED Halo Headlamp for an energy efficient CCFL lamp design
  • Adjustable front and rear Hydraulic Shocks
  • Ergonomic riding design
  • LCD digital dashboard
  • Retractable passenger footrests
  • Weather safe design with 230mm Wading depth