We Are Niu Electric Scooter Dealers


We are delighted to sell Niu electric scooters. We have road tested these in Wellington and our choice is the Niu N1S. We chose Niu for their quality of build, superior specs, and full warrant and parts support from the importer.

They are fully electric vehicles (FEV), and require no special charging equipment. They have a charger much like a laptop, and the removable battery and charger plug into any standard socket.

They’re a great commuter’s solution within Wellington city or the Hutt Valley. For one rider, they can handle roads like the Terrace and steep residential hills. They are a scooter and it does show on the hills – but it beats walking!

For licensing and operation, these scooters are considered mopeds. They are speed and power limited, to ensure they run no faster than  50 kph maximum. Niu scooters are not for the motorway, or on large roads with over 50kph speed limits. They are best for one person only, with light luggage, for a maximum passenger and luggage weight of 155kg.

You need a car learner’s license to ride one.

We have a Niu N1S scooter you can test ride here at our shop. Please contact us to book a test ride. This allows us to ensure that our Niu N1s is available for you and fully charged.


Mechanical and Electronic

  • Lithium-ion 60v battery for 50-80 km of range on a single charge – our experience in Wellington suggests that 50km is the most likely range.
  • BOSCH & Field-Oriented Control power and motor.
  • EBS dual brake system recycles power back into the system.
  • Niu app to monitor battery life, location, status updates, and anti-theft tracking.
  • Two year warranty includes battery and components.
  • Rear and front shock absorbers and brakes.

  Dimensions and Colours

  • Length 1.8m, height 1.13 m, width 70cm.
  • Wheelbase of 128cm.
  • Curb weight of 95kg.
  • Available in four gloss colours (black, white, red, or blue) and two matte colours (black or charcoal).
Niu electric mopeds in three colours