Workshop Services

Servicing & Repairs

We provide servicing and repair for metric motorcycles and scooters. That’s most types of Japanese and European bikes. Learn about how we help your bike.

Tyres & Punctures

We stock motorcycle and scooter tyres, especially Pirelli. We also repair your tyre punctures. Ask us for the best performance tyres for your bike.

Warrants of Fitness

We do motorcycle and scooter warrants of fitness, including minor repairs to get your warrant. Book with us for a WOF – click here to learn more.

Pickup & Transport

We can pick up and transport a bike that is not fit to ride. Check with roadside assistance or your insurer first. Transport time is charged like service time.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

We do pre-purchase inspections for motorcycles and scooters. Book with us to have an inspection and to ride with peace of mind.

Insurance Repairs

We take insurance for motorcycle and scooter repairs. Talk to your insurer first, then to us. Here’s how to coordinate your insurer with us for repairs.